How To Dry a Paint Roller Quickly? Know the Ways of drying the Paint Roller How To Dry a Paint Roller Quickly?

When using Paint rollers there must have been times when you try to dry the brushes real quick, but don’t know how to. You might have tried out several ways and end up damaging it as brushes need extra maintenance after use.

But how to dry a paint roller quickly? Can you use a drier to dry up the brush or put them under direct sunlight?

Here, you will know the technique of drying the roller without damaging it. So, let’s start.

Know the Conventional Ways to Dry a Paint Roller

You need to know the safe ways to dry the paint roller first.

1) Using Old Towels

A rag or towel can help dry the roller out. The paper towel used in cleaning the paint also comes in handy for this.


  1. After cleaning the paint from the roller, make sure that all the paint has been rinsed out of the roller.
  2. Using the paper towel, squeeze all the paint out of the roller. You need to start from an end. Although you can use other scrapping objects to put pressure while squeezing but the paper towel is the best option. If you own both a rag and a paper towel, choose the second one over the first. Paper towels are known for killing bacteria.
  3. Wrap up the towel or rag around the roller, and let it absorb all the liquid. When no more paint is getting out of the brush, the absorption process is done.
  4. Now you will be hanging the paint roller upside down. This will not only help in air drying but also get rid of extra moisture from the fuzz of the roller.

That’s all for this method. This is a safe but time-consuming method. Moreover, you might need a lot of towels to do so.

2) Drying under Direct Sun

After knowing the most time and energy-consuming method, let’s put your mind at ease with the simple one.

You are allowed to dry your brush under direct sun. It’s a go-to method for many people out there.

For this, you either need to ensure a ventilated area for the roller or try hanging it with a rope outside. For both ways, you need to ensure enough sunlight on the spot.

After squeezing extra dripping water out of the roller, hanging it in the sun is all you need to do. Sun will upkeep the rest.

However, many don’t squeeze out the water and hang out the roller immediately. You can also do the same, but it’s not recommended.

For using this technique, you have to clean the brush early in the morning, when you can get optimal sunlight. Although this isn’t an energy-consuming task, it takes a lot of time again. It might take from 20 to 24 hours to dry completely.

Now that we have talked about the safe and most usual way of drying rollers. But we are here for the quickest way, right? So, let’s get to the key point. The main reason a roller takes time to dry is the presence of water content inside the carbon.

If by any means, you can take out most of the water content from the brush, air drying will be real quick. You can do that by spinning the roller. Spinning the roller will develop centrifugal force and cause the paint to get out of the roller.

Quick Way

3) Drill Method

The drilling method works by force, which forces the water drops to get outside. This method will only take minutes to dry up the entire roller.

You might need extra manpower to do the job. Or else, use both of your hands for the job. Use the left hand to hold the roller, and the other one to drill it.

4) Drill with hand

This technique is also quick and the most popular one. You will use your hand to drill and spin the roller. Use an empty bucket also. You will be holding the roller inside the empty bucket while spinning to avoid spreading it all over the area.

Can You Use Drier to Dry Roller?

Unfortunately, this is destructive for your brushes. You must know that paint roller are made of plastics and carbon cores which are not compatible with direct heat.

Drier uses the technique of instant heating to vapor the moisture. So, the instant heat could start a fire in the carbon core. If not it’s a fire, be sure that the brushes will be damaged. After damage, it will be hard to fix and almost impossible to use again.


Now that you know, how to dry a paint roller quickly? And what must be avoided to damage the brushes? Most people thought using a drier will be faster of all. Indeed, it will. But that will damage the carbon material as well.

So, even though you are choosing the quickest way, you can’t neglect the downsides.

FAQs Section

How Long Does Paint Roller Take to Dry While Painting?

Usually, your paint on the roller won’t be taking more than 4 hours to dry. However, that’s a rough idea. To keep the roller wet between providing coating is to use a cling wrap for wrapping.

What If I Don’t Dry the Roller After Painting?

You should always clean and dry the brush entirely after painting. Your brush should be dry before you take it out for another painting. If the brush remains wet from the previous painting, it will be repealing oil-based paint and diluting the latex. The same goes for rollers.

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